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  • Clip a video. Add music. BAM. Playola.

A free and simple online video editor.

It's like Video to GIF with Sound.

It's a fun new format, the 30 second or less video loops,
but the music doesn't have to.
Try it out.

What is this?

Just a simple tool that makes it super easy to create fun little video nuggets. More specifically, 30 second or less looping video clips with an optional soundtrack.

Why do we need this?

We don’t really, this is just for fun. But honestly our attention spans online are becoming microscopic - ain’t nobody got time for a 4 minute video anymore.

How do I use this?

You know that 4 minute raw GoPro footage of that thing you did and uploaded to YouTube that nobody really cared about? Try it again with Playola.

  • 1. Import the video from YouTube or upload your own
  • 2. Clip the crap out (take just the best parts)
  • 3. Add some fun music or something (YouTube has some)
  • 4. Share it again and wait for accolades. Just kidding. Still, nobody will care - but it’s super easy to do and you’ll take up less of their time with a quick clip of that thing you did. If you make it fun they’ll hate you less for not sharing a long video.

Wait, What? But I can’t even.

Yes you can. It’s that simple. No need for fancy transitions or perfectly timed this or that. Nobody wants to see boring title screens, fade ins, fade outs, click here’s, etc. Nobody expects you to make an epic edit and nobody cares anyway. Quick clips are all the rage. Give it a shot.

But I don’t GoPro, can I still use this?

Of course. After securing all the necessary copyrights you can mashup any existing YouTube vids. Make something funny. Get creative.

Who is behind this?

Just a couple guys in Minneapolis. We could really use your feedback. Let us know what you think at hello@playola.co or contribute to our feature list and report bugs here:

Thanks, for your feedback.